Gravure Craft offers an extensive line of keepsake cremation urns for human ashes.  Crafted in a variety of beautiful designs and quality materials, including wood, metal, and cultured materials.

While all keepsake urns are smaller than their larger adult size urns, the actual size of each can vary. Many hold between 1 and 5 cubic inches of cremains, with a cubic inch being equal to about 1 tablespoon. 


McKenzie Classic Navy Keepsake

McKenzie Classic Navy Keepsake KS-2026 Sold out

Sold out

Aqua Keepsake

Aqua Keepsake KS-1494


Green Tree Keepsake

Green Tree Keepsake KS-3101


Pink Rose Keepsake

Pink Rose Keepsake KS-3102


Duchy Keepsake

Duchy Keepsake KS-19021


Empire Brass Keepsake

Empire Brass Keepsake KS-19020


Biarritz Brass Keepsake

Biarritz Brass Keepsake KS-19032


Diamond Brass Keepsake

Diamond Brass Keepsake KS-19068


Carthage Brass Keepsake

Carthage Brass Keepsake KS-19070


Heirloom Brass Keepsake

Heirloom Brass Keepsake KS-19095


Rainbow Keepsake

Rainbow Keepsake KS-7107


Abstract Keepsake

Abstract Keepsake KS-7110


Moonshadow Keepsake

Moonshadow Keepsake KS-7113


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