Social Distancing Tool

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This esthetic and elegant device evaluates the space between 2 people. With an indicator light and sound if desired, the Distancer Alert 2 warns 2 people when they are not within 2 meters (about 6 feet) of each other. It is an ideal tool for all traders concerned with security and the harmonious relationship between their employees and their customers. Offer that tool to all your customers! and generate new revenues. IKEA just launched this tool few days ago...

Operation is very simple

When 2 people are more than 2 meters from each other, the lights on the Distancer Alert 2 are green.
When 2 people are within 2 meters of each other, the lights are red.
When 2 people are within 1 meter of each other, the lights are red and are flashing. If desired, an audible alert can also be triggered in the presence of such distancing (optional audible function).